Do you remember?

Not that long ago, more specifically in August 2014, the Yazidis living in Northern Iraq were targeted, attacked, killed, and enslaved by IS. Thousands of them were forced to flee their homes and seeked shelter in Turkey. The outcry of the international community was huge. The brutality of IS towards the Yazidis and their fate shocked the masses. Do you remember?

Good, because if you do – why are Yazidis left alone in their new homes, the camps set up by some municipalities in Southeast Turkey? Where is the solidarity of the international community? Where is the help and support?

Time went by and the focus of the Western media has found other hotspots – hence, it seems the focus of our decision makers ass well. We all now that the news of today are not interesting anymore tomorrow – and that is especially the case when we feel helpless. But, for many people the news of yesterday have turned into their daily realities.

I was able to visit some of the camps in Diyarbakir and Batman and talk with some Yazidi refugee families. It is a shame that besides of the Kurdish municipalities and some NGO nobody supports and helps them! They are left alone tryng to cope with the harsh winter temperatures, their trauma, and especially their uncertain future!

The outcry back then in summer 2014 was massive and for a couple of weeks the fate of the Yazidis was in the centre of the international interest, but this was six months ago. Do you remember?


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