Deutschland verstärkt Flüchtlingshilfe

Nachd dem Besuch des deutschen Entwicklungsministers in der Türkei und im Libanon will sich das Entwicklungsministerium mit mit ca. 11,5 Millionen Euro in türkischen Gemeinden im Grenzgebiet zu Syrien engagieren.


„You probably won’t read this piece about Syria“ great piece written by Barry Malone

…somebody who speaks out about our reactions to the not ending war in Syria!

„Our indifference is something we need to think about and talk about. As journalists, we should question our performance. As people, our humanity. Because we can do better.“

An insight of ASAM’s Community Centre I worked for last summer

„The emotional burden for Syrian refugees is great. They are all living with the pain of displacement and loss. Some have lost their husbands who were killed or kidnapped; others fled their cities under heavy bombing. In Gaziantep, International Medical Corps, with support from UNHCR and in coordination with the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM), runs a multi-service center for Syrian refugees where they can access medical care, learn new skills or just socialize and release their frustration. Any Syrian refugee can stop in and visit the five-story building located in the center of the city every day. Three Syrian women tell their stories from inside their classes.“

Syrian children in Kilis/Turkey – touching documentary by AJ

Syria: No strings

„Over the past three years, many of the small towns on the Turkish side of Syrias’s northern border have been inundated with refugees fleeing the conflict. Kilis is one of these towns, in 2013 it was estimated to be home to 40,000 Syrian refugees, and this figure is steadily rising.

Most of the Syrian refugees are children – many of them have been exposed to severe trauma, all have faced agonising hardships.

Mohamad, Noor and Farid are three Syrian refugee children who all reside in Kilis, though live through different refugee experiences.

All the kids are unified by a struggle that does not normally make the headlines – the battle to regain their childhood. But the landscape they live in is not devoid of hope and help is at hand from a group of Syrian teachers who are about to use a surprising tool to help children cope with the traumas of war – puppetry.

From simple hand puppets to an elaborate puppet movie produced abroad, the teachers learn how to use puppetry to help Syrian children deal with the daily hardships of being a refugee.“

UNHCR warns of bleaker future for refugees as Syrian conflict enters 5th year

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres reiterated that much, much more needed to be done to pull Syrians out of their nightmare of suffering. „After years in exile, refugees‘ savings are long depleted and growing numbers are resorting to begging, survival sex and child labour. Middle-class families with children are barely surviving on the streets: one father said life as a refugee was like being stuck in quicksand – every time you move, you sink down further,“ he said.



Analysing satellite images, scientists based at Wuhan University in China and the University of Maryland, in co-operation with the #withSyria coalition of 130 non-governmental organisations, have shown that the number of lights visible over Syria at night has fallen by 83% since the start of fighting.
Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council and former United Nations Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, said: “2014 was the darkest year yet in this horrific war. Civilians are not protected as the Security Council promised they would be, their access to relief has not improved and humanitarian funding is declining compared to the needs. It is an outrage how we are failing Syrians.”

Sign the petition:
Call on World Leaders to Turn the Lights Back on for Syria

‚Turkey ‚opens fire‘ at migrant boat carrying 300 men, women and children from Syria‘

‚Officials detained 337 Syrian refugees who were discovered on a 59 metre-long cargo ship off Turkey’s western coast. Eighty-five of the refugees on board were children.‘

‚Four years of conflict in Syria has created a humanitarian disaster on an unprecedented scale. Eleven million people have been displaced by the crisis, with two thirds now living in neighbouring countries including Turkey.
Satellite images released this week give a broader picture of the conditions endured by those who remain trapped there, with 83 per cent of the country now plunged into darkness.‘

….AND the international community watches… SHAME!!

Turkey shuts border crossings Oncupınar (Kilis) Cilvegözü (Reyhanlı)

Turkey has closed two border crossings with Syria as a security precaution as fighting around the northern Syrian city of Aleppo intensifies, Turkish customs and government officials said on Wednesday.

The crossings at Oncupinar and Cilvegozu in Turkey’s southern Hatay province have been shut to vehicles and individuals crossing from Syria since Monday, customs officials at both posts told Reuters.


„Syria: Unacceptable humanitarian failure“

“ While a large scale international humanitarian effort is desperately needed in Syria, it will not happen until the parties to the conflict engage with aid organizations and identify practical steps to permit them to operate safely and effectively. All armed parties to this conflict must allow humanitarian access to civilians, as they are obliged to do under international humanitarian law.

The people of Syria have suffered unimaginably over the last four years. The continued obstruction of humanitarian aid greatly compounds their misery. The people of Syria are being denied the most fundamental assistance and the world cannot continue to look away. We can and must do more for them.“

(Dr. Joanne Liu, International President MSF)