Massive displacments ongoing in Northern Syria – more than 13,5 million people are in need in the country!

  • The escalation of attacks over the last weeks have caused new massive displacements. Thousands of people are fleeing North to seek save havens. In light of the coming winter humanitarian aid is urgently needed!
  • UNOCHA estimates that some 13.5 million people in Syria are in need of some form of protection and humanitarian assistance, an increase of some 1.2 million in just ten months. More than six million of those in need are reportedly children!
  • „The most senior United Nations humanitarian official today stressed that the failure of parties to the conflict in Syria to uphold the basic tenets of international law has propelled the Syrian people to levels of tragedy and despair which could barely have been imagined five years ago.“ (photo  MSF)



Syrian refugees in Turkey – clarification!!

After hundreds of articles, reports, questions there is one thing which I really would like to clarify:

Turkey currently hosts more than 2 million Syrian refugees. In the news outside of Turkey it is always said that they are stay in refugee camps in South East Turkey. This is not true. Only around 15% of them do. The rest are so called ‚urban refugees‘ who live in unfinished buildings, garages, shops, rented homes, public shelter, tents and on the streets all over the country from Kilis to Istanbul.

Assuming refugees all live in camps reveals a false picture in every way!

Humanitarian NGO Recommendations ‚EU refugee crisis / Syrian war‘

Welthungerhilfe (WHH), NRC, CARE, Worldvision, Handicap International and ICMC recommended actions for the EU to undertake in light of the war in Syria and its consequences on refugee movements. These include specific recommendations for:

  • Tackling the root causes for forced displacement
  • Sharing responsibility: asylum and resettlement
  • Ensuring an effective response in Europe

looking at the funding constraints and the needs on the ground in light of the approaching winter, I can underline the demand:9207292

„The European Union and its Member States must urgently scale up their responses to the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe as winter approaches before more lives get lost, five major humanitarian organisations said today“

Let us not wait again for things to become even worse!

„…the West should significantly increase aid for Syria’s neighbours which are home to over 3.7 million displaced Syrians. It’s a miracle that they have so far not collapsed under this burden. Let’s help Lebanon and Jordan strengthen their institutions before they crumble. Let’s give them – and others bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis, like Turkey – the money and technical assistance they need to prepare their refugee camps for the winter. Let’s put all our diplomatic weight behind the UN’s efforts for a mediated solution in Syria. And let’s not wait for things to become even worse.“

Guterres on safe zones in Syria

„The head of the UN refugee agency has warned that proposals to set up safe zones inside Syria should not be seen in the west as an alternative to accepting people seeking asylum from the conflict…..“

„The UNHCR chief described the European crisis as largely self-inflicted, first through the underfunding of the refugee response in these neighbouring countries, and then by the lack of coordination in handling the influx of refugees when they started arriving in Europe.“