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More than 12.2 million people are in need of emergency aid.

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2014 has been a devastating year for Human Rights!

„We must hope that, looking backward to 2014 in the years to come, what we lived through will be seen as an ultimate low point from which we rose up and created a better future.“ (Salil Shetty)

Amnesty International Annual Report 2014/2015


…with German subtitle;

Call for organised quota System for more resettlement to safe countries! That is something we HAVE to do!

It is neither a new nor a ridiciolusly smart idea! It should be easy to organise a quota system to help much more Syrian refugees than it has been shamefully done until today!
„…but states could say that it is our responsibility and have the moral leadership and the political courage… They can make the case, taking the risk of losing [votes], but taking a stand and telling the population, ‘It’s not necessarily easy, it’s not necessarily what you want, but it’s what you have to do.“ (François Crépeau, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for migrants’ right)

For the sake of the children

…. the international community has to focus more on sustainable solutions for refugee and IDP children!
A constantly rising number of refugees from Syria also means a constantly rising number of children without hope!
Children who cannot go to school, because there is no school or they are not allowed to. Children who cannot go to school, because they generate income for their families. Children who are begging on the streets, because there is no other option. Children who are misused, because they met the wrong people. Children who have been traumatized by the events back home and are facing a desolate, brutal and sad reality. Children whose future does not look at all bright in this region if we all do not work together with more will, commitmment, and heart!