A must read: ‚One families‘ journey from Aleppo to Austria‘

A touching report of the journey so many Syrians have left as a last chance to find peace.
A detailed description of the dangers people have to go through AFTER they left the war at home.

The ‚black route‘ – almost the only way to get to the EU!



WORLD REFUGEE DAY – Do not forget that more than half of all refugees and IDPs are children

It is the responsibilty of humanity to save children’s lifes!
We tend to forget! We should not!
We tend to not look at the truth! We should!

‚Just because it is not happening here, does not mean it is not happening!‘

„The plight of the world’s refugee populations stands out as an enduring cause of human misery“

UNHCR’s annual Global Trends Report: World at War, released on Thursday (June 18) is a document we all should read. The facts and figures about the human tragedy which takes place in the 21 century should be known by each of us. Nobody can say ‚I did not know.‘!

„Any way you look at it, the post-World War II era has never seen a refugee crisis on the scale of 2014.“

2014 the number of forcibly displaced persons was 59.5 million.
– More than half of refugees worldwide are children –

„The primary driver of this nearly unprecedented level of human suffering was the civil war in Syria, now in its fifth year. For more than 30 years, Afghanistan had been the world’s largest source of refugees, but in 2014 Syria overtook it to claim the top spot. By year’s end, 7.6 million Syrians had been displaced within the country’s borders. In 2014 alone, 1.55 million Syrians fled the country, bringing the total number of Syrian refugees to 3.9 million. Today, one out of every four refugees is Syrian.“

„Turkey is now home to the world’s single largest refugee population of 1.59 million.“

„The war has also contributed to Europe’s foremost refugee crisis: Of the 219,000 who attempted to cross the Mediterranean, nearly half were Syrians.“

„…the plight of the world’s refugee populations stands out as an enduring cause of human misery. Take all the world’s refugees, gather them together, and they’d constitute its 24th largest country. It’s a country that has no formal recognition in the international system — no seat at the U.N., no army to defend it, no shared territory. It only has a common history of suffering and neglect.“


UNHCR World at War

Something to think about thoroughly – „Europe’s refugee problem an echo of the 1930s“

„… (Europe) needs to recall its past more sensitively, and be more generous to the desperate people crossing the Mediterranean. Francois Crepeau, the United Nations special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, observed in a recent interview that Europe, Australia, and Canada could easily resettle 1 million Syrian refugees over the next five years, and they could add Eritreans to that list and extend this policy to seven years. So why is Europe proposing to accept a paltry 20,000 to 40,000 people annually for resettlement? ….“ (UNHCR)


Thousands of Syrians fled to Turkey from ongoing clashes in Tal Abyad

„In this Turkish border village, the refugees took by surprise the Turkish troops stationed there, who were overwhelmed by the large number of people crowding the crossing. Thousands of people had been gathering for more than a day on the Syrian side of the Akcakale border crossing before they broke through Sunday afternoon.
People threw their belongings over the fence while others passed infants into Turkey over barbed wires before following through a several-meter wide opening in the border fence.“ 


ASAM conference

Just participated in a very interesting and fruitful 2-days International Migration and Protection Conference – Turkey at the Crossroads organized by ASAM, RSC and KADER. A great opportunity for collaboration as well as information and knowledge sharing in a very unique and challenging situation! And again: the summary is that even though strong efforts and hard work there is more to be done!