a glimpse of education under ISIL

It has been some time since I wrote a piece about my work as a humanitarian in the Iraq Humanitarian Response. Today I had the opportunity to talk to women and their children in Mosul who had lived under ISIL for the last three years. The stories they shared with me are beyond imagination and I cannot even imagine what they went through, What they share with are stories of fear and pain. but also bravery and hope. What particularly stroke me – and has always done since I got engaged in the Syria and Iraq Response – is the impact on children and youth and the limited funding opportunities to support them – the future of these worn torn countries. Sometimes it is one story, one face, one smile or one picture which makes you really think if what we do is enough – will ever be enough! I was sitting in a classroom of a primary school today and the originally innocent teaching materials on the wall revealed so much more than many reports can say. They show us under which doctrine children were forced to live under and they give a glimpse for what is needed so support those ones to heal and find peace again in order to rebuild the future for themselves and their families. The international community should do as much as possible in providing support for education, psycho social support and social cohesion!


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