Ongoing displacement Iraq – Debaga camps

According to UN OCHA (Mosul Corridor Displacement Overview, 31.08.2016) over 31,000 people have fled ongoing military operations in the Mosul corridor towards Makhmour/Erbil governorate. They have now found shelter in various camps in Debaga area in the last weeks. Debaga is overcrowded with around 36,000 IDPs in the camps and around 7,000 in reception centres.


Even though various actors are supporting the people in need, the numbers outgrew quickly the expected capacities and there is a big need for humanitarian assistance in all sectors (WASH, Shelter NFI, Food Security, Health, Education, Protection).

In light with the to be expected military offensive towards Mosul city itself, the government of Iraq, the government of KRI, the UN and the humanitarian actors are currently planning for the humanitarian response with an anticipated caseload of around 750,000 people in need in various areas around Mosul.

Debaga gives us a slight idea of what is to be expected in the coming months!



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