EU Turkey deal – Europe walks away from people in need

MSF published an open letter to the EU Member States and institutions following the EU-Turkey agreement on refugees.

I fully support MSF’s concern, that this agreement violates the human right of seeking asylum and has huge protection consequences, which can already be seen and have already been documented by e.g. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

As a European citizen from Germany growing up in peaceful lands after the horrors of two World Wars it is unbelievable to see that our decision makers and unfortunately also too many of my fellow citizen seem to have forgotten, that not so long ago the wish of fleeing war and persecution was the wish of our grandparents and parents. I know it is not easy in light of the crises in this world to find solutions and ways for all the people in need! But we have to try! As humans with hearts and minds, we cannot just turn our backs, shift responsibilities and hope that things will just change. Look around you: as long as there is war and conflict, natural catastrophes, economic inequality, and poverty people – children, women and men – will move to a ’safer and better place‘. We cannot just walk away!




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