Death tolls rise in the Med

Almost every day I find news on people drowning in the Mediterranean Sea!

IOM states that between Jan, 1. and Jan, 17. 77 people lost their lives in the sea on their way to a safe haven and a better future. 77 in 17 days! and that is only the number we know.

The latest news:

„On Jan. 21 at least 12 migrants, including children, drowned off the Turkish coast as their boat tried to reach Greece. The Turkish coastguard rescued 28 people.“ (

These news do not cause outrage anymore, they become ’normal‘. But it is not ’normal‘, that people die in the waters at the shores of Europe with everyone knowing and watching. It is inhumane and has to stop! Europe has to open safe migration routes and find a humane way of handling today’s challenges of refugee and migration flows!


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