Guterres on the situation in Syria / UNSC 21.12.2015

We know Syrians will go on trying to reach Europe until there is a fundamental change in the factors that are pushing them to leave.

There must be more international support to refugees and to their hosts, and humanitarian assistance has to match the level of the needs. Even with the recent surge in funding triggered by the refugee influx into Europe, the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (the 3RP) was only 52% percent funded, with dire consequences for many families.“

„But more importantly, if the conflict does not end quickly, this might be the end of Syria as we know it – and the same is true for Iraq. We are all aware of the complexities of the situation which the end of World War I created in the Middle East – in the words of David Fromkin, that was „a peace to end all peace“. But we must not allow today’s sectarian divide to escalate to the level of the wars of religion that flattened large parts of Europe in the 16th and 17th century. And let’s not forget that religious wars are always essentially political ones.

The lessons of history show that peace cannot wait. The world needs a surge in diplomacy for peace, and I strongly hope that Vienna will be a key step for peace to be reestablished as the number one priority on the international agenda.“


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