A testimony of Internally Displaced People in Dohuk/Kurdistan Iraq/Northern Iraq

WHEN you have to call a camp, an unfinished building or just a tent your home for more than a year,

WHEN you even miss the basic items for living,

WHEN you can be happy that sometimes someone in your family finds some work and you can maybe attend some education activities,

WHEN you are worried that in the coming winter nobody gives you fuel, blankets, shelter repair and winter clothes,

WHEN you know that psychosocial and medical support is urgently needed for yourself, your parents or your siblings,

WHEN you fled Mosul and Sindschar last summer, surviving the horror of forced displacement inside your own country, because IS invaded your home,

THEN you are one of almost 430,000 Iraqi IDPs in Dohuk/Kurdistan Iraq/Northern Iraq totally dependent on the international community and local structures to support and help you – not even for a bright future, only to survive!

And when you then want to go to a safer place, you face the harsh reality that you cannot apply for a visa anywhere…

IMG_3470 IMG_3424 IMG_3523 IMG_3445 IMG_3418 IMG_3442 IMG_3489 IMG_3616


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