„Number of refugees and migrants arriving in Greece soars 750 per cent over 2014“ and Europe looks away!

„Some 124,000 refugees and migrants had arrived in Greece by sea at the end of July this year a staggering 750 per cent increase on the same period in 2014, the UN refugee agency detailed on Friday.“  (http://www.unhcr.org/55c4d1fc2.html)

These news make me angry and sad! Like some many of this kind nowadays!

How come that we in Europe do not see and understand that closing migration routes will not keep people in need fleeing to Europe, but puts them into even more danger? How can we dare after not even three decades without the Berlin wall to build high-tech fences again in Hungary and Bulgaria and ‚invisible walls‘ all over the EU to ‚protect‘ our territories? Protection against what? Against whom? Humans? Women, children and men who flee war, persecution, violence, extreme poverty?

If under these circumstances people finally arrive on ‚our lands‘, how can we sleep at night while not even offering decent shelter and basic food, hygiene and medical treatment to them? I do not even want to go into details concerning the actual chartered right of a fair asylum procedure… Europe – one of the richest regions in the world!

„The boat is full“??? Are we serious? This is a matter of perception! If my own wealth is more important than saving the life of another human than yes, probably the boat is full….SERIOUSLY?

The Europe I was born in has taught me the big ideas of freedom, human rights, fraternity, humanity, community, respect! From Calais to Kos, Lampedusa to Evros, Ceuta, Melilla and every other external and internal EU border crossing I struggle realizing that this is the same Europe…

As a EU citizen it is my responsibility to fight back the erosion of my values and fight for humanity!55c4c5246


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