Some thoughts after visiting a school for Syrian children

Today I visited a school for Syrian children in Southeast Turkey. Finally after years the Turkish education system integrates schools for Syrian refugee children in their system. This is an important step forward to work against the ‚Lost generation‘ and gives a lot of the war-affected children a chance for a better future. It was touching to visit the classes and to talk to the teachers. Though, two problems reamin:
1. There are not enough schools for all the Syrian children yet. Reasons for that are missing school buildings, not enough qualified Syrian teachers and too less payments for the teachers, who commit their life to educate and support the children.
2. There are almost no means to support the traumatized children psychologically.

‚Free doom‘ was written in huge letters on a wall.
A word which stands for all the hopes and challenges the schoolchildren, who were forced to flee their country, have to face each and every day.
A word which expresses the failure of the international community and the different actors inside Syria when it comes to solving the war in Syria.
A word which stands for a basic human right for every human being in this world and which is much too often tramped upon – especially in supporting and helping refugees.
A word which reminded once again what I, what all of us, should fight for!

The fact that it was written ‚free doom! might be a spelling mistake …but might also just show vividly that freedom is doomed for the people from Syria. A fact we should not forget when the war in Syria and especially the fate of the refugees are not on the first page of our newspapers anymore!
syria freedomme


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