Syrian refugees in Gaziantep

After 2 weeks of winterization distribution in Gaziantep I am running out of words to describe the dire situation of so many people – and especially the hoplesness! I have visited the homes of more than 600 families – and I am shocked! Shocked about the fact that I am living in a city where the UN opened its HQ to work for the ‚Whole Syrian Response‘ accompanied by dozens of international organizations, but almost nobody seems to care about the more than 300,000 refugees around us! I am shocked that people are forced to live in places like an old shop with nothing inside – not even a toilet, and even have to pay rent for it! I am shocked that families have to send their children to work to be able to pay the rent for these terrible places! I am shocked that children are playing barefoot in rooms where the concrecte floor is wet, because the ceiling is leaking! I am shocked that disabled, old, sick, and traumatized familiymembers are spending their days in cold and dirty rooms with no more support than the family can offer! I am shocked that if you do not want to see this misery you can easily avoid it and pretend you do not know! I am shocked…and I am sad…and even more sure that I and we all have to help and support more! Support in a sustainable way. It doesn’t look likely that the war in Syria will come to an end soon, but it looks lileky that receiving funds for the Syrian Refugee Response will become harder while at the same time refugees are forced to stay here in Turkey and newcomers will arrive continously. This soes not only look like a hopeless situation, it is one! I will continue writing and talking about what I see and experience – try to rise awareness! IMG_1467






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