Thanks to wonderful people….

….food and clothes were distributed to some of the most vulnerable Syrian refugee families. My friends and I decided to help some families in Kirikhan/Hatay whose situation is desperate. We bought food and collected clothes for around 30 families. Even though this hopefully helps them a bit I realized once again how hard life is for many refugees here and that much more support, especially sustainable strategies are needed! It was also the first time I could visit families who found shelter in an unfinished building – living between cold concrete walls with almost nothing. Meeting these families, witnessing their living conditions and listening to their stories made me particularly sad and thoughtful, but also showed me again that I took the right path coming here and being an active part in the Syrian Refugee Response. I myself can do a little bit, my friends and I a bit more…the more we get the less war-effected children, women, and men have to struggle for their lifes!




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