Syrian families living in dire situation in Hatay

In the city Kırıkhan in Hatay which hosts around 30,000 Syrian refugees while having a population of 100,000 some 30 families have settled alongside the cooton fields around 3 months ago. They all come from either from Aleppo region or Kobane and fled with almost nothing IS waiting for the day they can return to their homes. They wait! In tents made out of sticks, carpets, and plastic sheets, no heating or WASH, barely clothes, and above all hardly anything to eat. The men, women and chidren were able to work during the harvesting season to earn around 20 TL (7 EUR) per day to buy food.

Winter has come! There is no work anymore! Temperatures are dropping around zero degrees! And there is barely any assistance!

Visiting these people and seeing their dire situation, knowing that the cold puts all of them, but especially the children, sick and old family memebers in danger makes me feel particularly helpless! These 30 families belong to 1,6 million Syrian refugees currently living in Turkey, of which only 220,000 are residing in camps and their lives proves one more time that the international community and Turkey has to do more to help refugees and to find ways to end the conflict in Syria and Northern Iraq.


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