End of my crowdfunding based time in the humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees in Gaziantep

Time has passed by so quickly! 2,5 months I have been working now in the Syrian Regional Refugee Response in Gaziantep and I am more than grateful for all the experiences I have made, people I have met, and things I have learned! Working with the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM) and Welthungerhilfe (WHH) at the same time was a challenging and rewarding experience for which I thank both organizations a lot.

ASAM, as a Turkish NGO working on the ground directly supporting and helping Syrian urban refugees in Gaziantep gave me the chance to understand the work of a community centre for refugees in a city where the numbers of refugees is constantly rising. Most important for me was the direct contact with Syrians. I could listen to so many stories, learn about so many backgrounds, laugh with the children and sometimes concentrate to not cry with some people! It will take some time to digest all this, because at the community centre you do not talk about numbers, you deal with people, human tragedies, emotions and feelings. I have a lot of respect for my colleagues who try their best on daily basis to support every single person and family, even though the strong feeling of being helpless is a constant companion!

The German NGO WHH taught me a lot about the humanitarian emergency aid in Syria, Iraq, and Turkey! Within a really short time I was involved in the procedures of an organization which quickly reacts in emergency situations. I am thankful for being trusted so much that I could go on missions with my great colleagues to areas in the border region where the situation of refugees needed to be assessed and could take part in international (UN) meetings.

The combination of both jobs gave me a pretty good inside of how the Syrian Regional Refugee Response works, its successes and its shortcomings. I decided to stay, to find a new job here in Gaziantep and to be further active in supporting refugees in Turkey! With the latest developments in the region Iraq/Syria/Southeast Turkey it unfortunately does not look likely that the situation which forces women, children, and men to flee their homes to seek save havens in Turkey will come to an end soon. My expression in my call for crwodfunding „There is more to be done!“ seems to be even more valid today!

One more time I want to thank everybody who has supported me and my work, who trusts and believes in me and who cares for Syrian refugees!


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