So many people who need help here in Antep!

Working in the field/on the ground with Syrian refugees here in Antep is sometimes not easy at all!

The number of people who deseperately need help in every form is tremendous!! Even though there are so many local, national, international, supranational organizations, NGOs, agencies working here it is still not at all enough to meet the needs of people in need in Syria itself and in Turkey (the same probably applies to all the other host countries) – there is not enough food, medical/social/psychological help, shelter, clean water, clothes etc.People are desperate and the rising social tensions in the Turkish public due to missing middle- and longterm solutions intensify the overall situation! So many people I work with and know here are working really hard and commit themselves to the humanitarian aid/Syrian Refugee Response to the fullest, but it seems to never be enough! What I thought and said back home in Germany 2 months ago is still more than valid – there is more to be done! There is more needed! Much more… All actors, local, national, international – the international community – have to work together to handle this humanitarian tragedy! …. and not to be pessimistic…we are not yet really talking about the refugees and IDPs of the current humanitarian crisis in Iraq! Since I have the chance to work on the ground face to face with Syrian refugees, I can more than underline my call for not just talking about numbers, but seeing humans/people/individuals/fates/stories behind each and every number!


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